Brotherly Wrangling – 7

Background:  It is not specified in this letter, but the conversation refers to the lawsuit that took place with the family suing Samuel over their father’s western lands.

2 February 1841 – James W. McCulloh to Samuel McCulloh

My Dear Brother,

I have just heard of and seen the Sun Intelligence of the death of Pro Jacob Green, which the Patriot supplies from the Phil U.S. Gazette.  Richard had received the enclosed letter for you ___ the afternoon, but we held until just now.  No reason to suppose that it bore you ill tidings.  Is that info immediate delivery would be most proper.  I send the letter and paper so as to enable you if your health permits, to go to Anna in the morning – or if this may not be, that Samuel might go.  The Cars leave here at nine in the morning.

She will feel very desolate, her affection invites you to her side.  You feel or have felt that you were wronged – perhaps injured.  The occasion presents the opportunity to forgive and I pray your pardon whilst I affectionately advise you, in the goodness of your heart to forgive every one.

If you can make that resolve, I beseech you to go if you can without too much risk or expense of your health.  In the Cars getting nice to the sun, you would not be cold.

My own engagements are so many and imperative that I may find it impossible to obey the impulse of my own heart, which would take me instantly to Anna.  If you go, you and Anna will be happier for it during the rest of your days and going there after learning first determined to forgive all who may have trespassed against you.  The intercourse with such not be uncomfortable to them or you.  There need be no unpleasant recollections called to mind, no explanations asked for, or offered.  A kind bracing will be sufficient and the best inden to the good will you prefer to extend to all.

Think with me on this occasion, if you can, and believe that I have made these suggestions wholly from a desire to confirm and enlarge your own happiness and Anna’s.

Affectionately your brother, Jas. W. McCulloh

McCulloh Papers, 1773-1848, Maryland Historical Society, MS 2110, microfilm reel 6, frame 157, 158


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