When I was 15 years old my grandmother dragged me to a family reunion.  I was surprised to see all of the “old” people who were my relatives, yet I’d never heard of them.  Having nothing else to do, I sat down and asked each one how they were related to me.  When I left that day I had a multi-generational family chart and an avid interest in genealogy.  Back then you used books, microfilm and court house records to research.  Today much can be found on the internet, however, there is no substitute for original records.

While doing research for my book, Strides of integrity and honor: the life of James W. McCulloh and his family, I went through reels and reels of microfilm of McCulloh family letters and papers from 1780 to 1848.  I found it fascinating to discover how these people felt, their sorrows, joys and what made them tick.  The number of people writing back to say they enjoyed the story of the McCulloh’s made me realize they would probably also enjoy the original letters.  So here they are – to be presented in this blog.McCulloh-Book-Front-Cover-sm

Lynn Scott holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Baldwin Wallace College and has over 45 years of experience in the field of genealogy.  After raising her family as a stay at home mom (where she spent Saturday’s doing genealogy) she worked as a reference librarian in charge of the local history section.  Upon moving to Virginia she was employed by the Thomas Jefferson Foundation, receiving two research fellowships.  Now retired, she devotes her time to researching and writing about family history.

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