Work as an attorney – 3

3 June 1784

Know all men by these present that I Andrew Porter of the township of West Caln in the County of Chester of the state of Pennsylvania, late Col. of the Penns. Regiment of Artillery – have constituted, made of and appointed my trusty and loving friend John McCulloh of the City of Philadelphia my true and lawful attorney for me & my name and stead, to ask, demand, servefor, levy, recover & receive all such demand sums of money, certificates, for arranges of pay on the final settlement of public accounts with the American Army, dues, accounts & other demands whatsoever, which are or shall be due owing payable & belonging to me or detained from my any manner of ways or means whatsoever by Major Bowen & Capt. Areuris Beaty, Agents appointed for the notes of certificates due to the officers & soldiers of the Pennsylvania Line on the final settlement of their accounts.

Giving and granting said attorney by these present my full & whole power strength and authority in and about the principles to have use and undertake all lawful ways & means in my name for the recovery of the Certificates or notes on the final settlement of the Acct of the Penn Line due to myself, to the late Capt. Lieut Saml Story, dec., my son Lieut Robert Porter (a minor) and to the following men commissioned officers & soldiers who have assigned over to myself & to my son Robert their whole pay arranges & endowments, viz:

Frederick Chapman, Matross                    Francis Blundell, serg.                    George Chapman, Serg.                    George Harris, Matross                    Robert Johnson, formerly a corporal of late a Matross                              Peter Cundum, Matross                    Willm Croffts, Matross                    George Bennidick, gunner                    William Kelly, Matross                    Joseph Sharp, Musician & Serg                    John Ward, Matross                    Michael Thurston, Musician & Serg.               Joseph Jones, Matross               Sam Smith, Matross                            James Baker, corporal                    George Bangerman, Matross                    John Deer, Musician & Serg               John Lick, Matross                         Job Bennington, gunner                    William Conner, Matross                    James Walker, Matross                    Isaac Senvey, Matross                         John Rickey, Serg                         Richard Sweetman, Matross                    William Talbo, Corpl                    David Griffith, Matross                         James Robinson                         Robert Jeff                              Thomas Jinnings

McCulloh Papers, 1773-1848, Maryland Historical Society, MS 2110, microfilm reel 1, frame 171