Family Happenings – 4

13 June 1801 from Philadelphia – Anna McCulloh to Andrew McCulloh

…We all enjoy good health except Isaac who has got his old complaint in his back.  You recollect about eighteen months or so he complained much of a pain in his back.  Even then thought lightly of it but it has returned with so much violence that I was alarmed & sent for Dr. Wister.  He has blistered him on the part affected & I hope through this he will get better off.

I received a letter S[amuel] dated Germantown June 4th.  He was well but very much fatigued.  It was to be hoped that the great speed he thinks to make will repay him all his trouble which in my opinion will not be a little.  He is going to Kentucky.  He tells me in his letter if you wish to write him direct to Levi Todd, Esq, Lexington, Kentucky.

Miss Molly is much after the old fashion.  Your friends in Germantown are well.  Thomas is about taking himself a wife  Miss Fauley it seems is a Lady.  Do not be so much out of humor with yourself.  Perhaps you [will] meet with some kind lass who will pity your case.  [Fold in paper, unreadable] depend it is one of the happiest times in this world.  Give out love to John.  Tell him the children talk a great deal about him & William has grown a fine boy.  That with happiness attend you both in sincerity of

Your affectionate mother, Anna McCulloh


19 June 1801 from Philadelphia – Anna McCulloh to Samuel McCulloh

Thomas [Bringhurst] is to be married this evening to Mary Base [Fraley] at Germantown.

McCulloh Papers, 1773-1848, Maryland Historical Society, MS 2110, microfilm reel 4, frame 42, 44

Work as an attorney – 2

Background:  According to Find A Grave, Robert and Levi Todd’s father was David Levi Todd, great-grandfather of Mary Todd Lincoln.  David Todd died 8 February 1785.

24 June 1786 from Fayette County, Kentucky – Robert and Levi Todd to John McCulloh

Dear Sir,

I expect you will receive this by the hand of Mr. R. Parker together with a power of attorney fully authorizing you to transact matters relative to my deceased father’s estate.

The many proofs of your friendship and favour invariably shown for the interest and welfare of our family induces me [to] select you for your endeavours and good offices in a particular manner on behalf of a mother whose shattered remains of fortune – principally (as yet) are in that part of the world.

An active duty in the affairs of others is very seldom desirable and as little so this as any common case, the relations are to be dealt with and that rigorously too.  My _?_ William has certainly acted a very ungrateful and congenerous part toward my father in his life time and my mother since concerning (you know what I mean) the securityship and certificates.

I would not presume to advise you to any particular mode of proceeding in the business, but submit it to your own knowledge and precedence which must certainly direct you much better than I can and shall therefore rest satisfied with what you shall think proper to do concerning it.

At the receipt of the power of attorney accompanying this I am in hopes you will be able to face Mr. Claymer on his own ground and leave him without any place of retreat.  Permit me to add that I flatter myself in Mr. Thompson’s affair you will advise the Judges.  I assure every means to extricate us from the inconvenience attending the unprofitable bargains made by my father.  Whatever effect this mode of proceeding may have on the minds of the interested relations.

As the purpose of this epistle is wholly on the business of my Father’s estate you will please concider it jointly from sir your most obliged and humble                                              Robert Todd, Levi Todd

McCulloh Papers, 1773-1848, Maryland Historical Society, MS 2110, microfilm reel 1, frame 406

Becoming a physician -2

Background:  I’m not sure who Levi Todd is.  From the subject of the letter compared to the last one, it sounds like it might be a formal name or middle name for Andrew Todd.  Samuel McCulloh would now be 19.

3 Nov 1791 from Louisa, Virginia – Levi Todd to John McCulloh

Loving Brother,

Your last by Capt. Barret came safe to hand since which I have receiv’d non from you and I do not recollect of my writing you since.

By Samy’s letter accompanying yours he informed me that he had determined on the study of Physick & that it was by no means disagreeable to him.  He also informed  me that he expected his Preceptor would be Dr. Hutchinson & I hope he is now agreeably & earnestly engaged in the study.  I expect from his studying under Dr. Hutchinson he will of course attend the Medical Professors of the Univeristy [of Maryland].  I am desirous of him attending at least one course of Dr. Rushes lectures perhaps toward the close of his studies as I am much inclined to think he is by far the greatest Medical Character your city affords.  Should Samy at any future period think proper to visit Virginia, if during his studies, I will afford him every instruction in my power.  If afterwards, I will afford him every assistance that may be in my power.  My desire to see him are great, but I am sensible that he enjoy the best opportunities that this or perhaps any other country can afford.  Where he is – wish him to be so eminent as to be qualified to sit down in some of our seaport towns, country practice being disagreeable and less profitable.

McCulloh Papers, 1773-1848, Maryland Historical Society, MS 2110, microfilm reel 2, frame 338