Purchase of a slave – 2

13 August 1839 – Samuel McCulloh slave purchase

Know all men by these present that we John Matthew, John needles and John Adams of the City of Baltimore in Baltimore County and State of Maryland re held and firmly bound unto Doctor Samuel McCulloh of Baltimore and State of Maryland in the sum of $1000 to be paid the said Doctor Samuel McCulloh & his executors, administrators & assigns.  To which payment will and truly be made and done, we bind ourselves and every of us, our and every of our heirs, executors and administrators in the whole and for the whole jointly and severely, firmly by these present sealed with our seals, dated this 13 day of August 1839.

Whereas the said Doctor Samuel McCulloh at the instance and request of the said John Matthews has this day become the purchaser of Fanny Matthews, wife of the said Joh Matthews and their four children named Sally, Martha, Ann, Henrietta and Mary as slaves for life as a sum far beyond their real value and whereas the said John Matthews in consideration to serve the said Doctor Samuel McCulloh for twelve years from the date hereof for which service he is to be allowed a the rate of one hundred… [ rest not copied].

McCulloh Papers, 1773-1848, Maryland Historical Society, MS 2110, microfilm reel 6, frame 126


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